about me


Hey there! I’m Kayla.

An old soul,

huge goofball,

& mega hopeless romantic.

Hey there, thanks for stopping by! I can’t wait to meet you and hear all about you, but I’ll introduce myself first.

My story begins in New York, where I grew up and went to college to study Ecology and Mycology (the study of fungi!) There is where I fell in love, and after a whole year of doing long distance with my love, I road-tripped here to Portland, Oregon to close the gap and start a new life.

I’ve always been a hopeless romantic, and what started with fairytales and princesses has slowly progressed into being an advocate for LGBTQ+ rights and into capturing love between soulmates with my camera. I’m at my absolute happiest when I get to learn about people and have a chance to capture their worlds.

When I’m not behind the camera you can find me adventuring, eating vegan food, playing music, or attached to my love by the hip. Or scrolling through adoptable dogs on Petfinder and wishing I could have them all, hahaha!

I love love, I love nature, and I love photography, and combining the three fills my heart up to the brim. I truly can say, HECK YEAH-I have the best job ever!


I can’t wait to meet you.