Arizona Slot Canyon Elopement | Becca + Jeff

Have you ever experienced something so beautiful and larger than yourself that you were at loss for words? That is the exact feeling that I underwent when visiting the slot canyons in Page, Arizona. The endless red canyons seem to go on for decades, and take you back through the years of weather erosion that it took to form them. It’s only a short hike into- and at some points, down- into the winding path of red rock walls. Occasionally, you’ll find yourself shifting your body to be able to squeeze through them, and at some points, with my camera gear on my back, I could barely fit!

Adventuring through Waterhole Canyon in Arizona for Becca + Jeff’s elopement photos was truly a dream, and proved to be the perfect spot to capture their love for one another. The fun that we had adventuring through shows so clearly in their photos, and is just as prevalent as the quiet, intimate moments deep within the canyon.

If you are looking to have an Arizona Slot Canyon Elopement, let’s chat! I’d love to capture your day and help you along in the process leading up to your saying I do’s.


The flowers in these photos were created by The Flower Method!