Did you know 54% of people barely remember their wedding day?

A study done by Sony attributed this “wedding day memory loss” to the chaos of a couple’s wedding day. Some people call it the “Big Day Blur.”

After photographing plenty of weddings, I’ve noticed there’s always one thing in common- rush. A schedule that runs behind, a million family portraits to take, a million feelings but not enough time to really feel them.

I truly believe that I found the secret to a wedding day that allows you to slow down and savor every moment that you have together- eloping in a beautiful place. My goal is to help my couples conquer the “Big Day Blur,” because your wedding day should be one you remember.


Hey, I’m Kayla…

…& I’m passionate about couples having wedding experiences that feel 100% in line with their wildest dreams. You only have one wedding day- the day that you commit your love to each other matters and you should spend it fully in the moment and wrapped up in each other. I shouldn’t feel rushed or stressful.

My vow is to guide you on your path to your perfect elopement day- no matter what that looks like for you. Want to eat donuts on the Oregon coast? Let’s do it. Climb a peak or explore a waterfall? I’ll send you a list of my favorite ones and hike right by your side. Oh yeah, and I’ll take some rad photos while I’m at it.

But most importantly, I’ll make sure to eliminate all of the stress I can on your day, cheer on your every move, and make sure that you stay lost in the magic of it all, together.