my philosophy

Think back to the best day of your life- the most fun you and your partner have ever had together. It doesn’t have to be a formative moment in your relationship, just the moment that you felt the most you.

Maybe it was climbing a mountain together and feeling super free at the top, or maybe it was a road trip where you stopped and explored wherever looked pretty.

Wedding days for years have been molded around tradition- around fitting in and doing what’s “normal” as a celebration of your love. But if you think back to your relationship, is it truly like everyone else’s?

My couples aren’t afraid to break the tradition that they’ve been told about since they were little, and create their own story. They’re down to break free and have fun, and be in line with their true selves rather than there to put on a show for hundreds of people to see. They want nature to be their witness and to have all of the time in the world to hold each other and be together on their wedding day. They explore beautiful places in their dresses and suits, and don’t let a little dirt bother them.

Think back to the best day of your life. Now let’s double that fun and make it your heckin’ wedding day.

In the end your love is between the two of you. Let’s celebrate that as truly as we can.